Friday, 23 June 2017


I resisted at first. Even if I was wearing white frilly panties and matching bra, and had a blouse, a skirt, and makeup on, I was still a boy.   Boys didn't kiss boys.  But he didn't give me any options.  He was insistent as he grabbed me and forced a kiss on me, enveloping me in his arms.  I felt powerless and  he had soon discarded my skirt and had his hand reaching for my panties.  His smell, the power in his arms, the weakness in my knees, melting before him......  Before I knew what was happening I was kissing him back, wanting more, and he had his hands on my sissy parts. 

It was a time I couldn't get out my mind as my sissy training continued.   As I lay awake in my pink babydoll and matching pink panties I would think about that time and beyond the guilty feeling, it felt warm and comforting and right.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Please allow me to wear a skirt

i couldn't believe it when i found out.  She (who must be obeyed) wanted me to spend the entire day without a skirt; just wearing a blouse, some knee length stockings and a pair of white silky panties.   i felt so vulnerable, even more so when everyone in the house seemed to feel free to run their hand over my pantied bottom.  Sir felt my bottom and then gave it a hard slap that brought a tear to my eye and sent him off chuckling.   i grabbed an apron from the kitchen to hide whatever i could, but it wasn't any use. By mid-afternoon i was on my knees before Madame.  "Please madame. Please allow me to wear a skirt".

Thursday, 1 December 2016

i can't remember

i don’t remember the time when i wore boys underwear. i love to wear pretty lingerie and i only wear panties, bras, and slips and lovely stockings.  My favourites are all pink and lacy.  When Madam buys me a present of new lingerie i get very excited.  i am so grateful to have all these pretty things.

i can’t remember a time when Madam wasn’t in charge.  Madam tells me that i was once a boy, but i just can’t remember.  Madam now tells me what I should do and how i should do it.  i am so grateful to Madam for her help and advice.

i can’t remember a time when Madam didn’t milk me.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she takes my sissy clitty and whispers the most marvellous things in my ear until i spurt.  Madam gives me a cuddle and calls me her sweet girl.  Madam tells me i was once a boy and wasn’t milked.  i so enjoy milking with Madam that I can’t imagine how I managed without it.

i can’t remember a time when Madam didn’t allow me to stay up late when Madam had her special friends to stay.  i know I should but i can’t remember a time when i didn’t sit on Madam’s men friends lap, and they kissed and squeezed me.  I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t kiss me goodnight and Madam would pat me on the panties and say “now off to bed little one and sleep well”.  Madam tells me that i once had sleepovers in Madams bed when I was a boy, but i just can’t remember.

i am so happy to be Madams sweet girl, but I wonder why I can’t remember how things used to be.  Perhaps it is my special pink girl pills that make me forget.